Liquid Gold

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What’s the most important liquid on earth? Is it a precious metal or something else entirely?
What gives life to our planet every day and makes up between 52 to 63% of a human body?

Liquid gold is a new item added to the website that shows off nature in one of it’s purest forms. This image was taken locally near to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk somewhere I love to capture fabulous pictures. The ripples and lines show form and movement across the page with the sunlight bouncing off the surface. A golden hue was added to this monochrome image to make the viewer stop and think about the resources that we take for granted and ponder how we treat our enviroment.

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An image of gold in a liquid form flowing across the image.

Included in this VIP purchase:
X1 Portrait print ( See dimensions in additional information )
X1 Packaging
X1 Photographers signature
X1 Certificate of ownership

Not included in this purchase:
Picture frame
Picture mount

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