Stupid Mannequin

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After walking into the city I could not walk past this subject as he was so mesmerizing. As you look at the brightly colored hard hat and jacket you can’t help but focus on the many layers of paint and years of worn features making a thick skin.

How do we cope with how we look as humans and why do we also dress up a shop mannequin in the same ways? How many layers of skin do we use on a daily basis and what do they look like to others?


A centre focused portrait orientated image with a blurred background showing a mannequin displaying cracked grey and pink skin with vibrant orange clothing and safety hat.

Included in this purchase:
X1 Portrait print ( See dimensions in additional information )
X1 Packaging
X1 Photographers signature
X1 Certificate of ownership

Not included in this purchase:
Picture frame
Picture mount

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